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Here Is How Our Software Works

We Provide Everything You Need To Create Your Personalized Email and SMS Messages


Business Stats Dashboard

Our Software Integrates Directly With The Google API, Offering A Customized Experience Tailored to Your Business.

  • Effortlessly view reviews as they come in, keeping you up-to-date with customer feedback in real time.
  • Gain insights into the total number of reviews, including newly received reviews, to monitor your business's online reputation.
  • Analyze your overall star rating, along with detailed positive and negative feedback, to understand customer sentiment and areas for improvement.

Enhance Your Employee Tracking System

Tailor Your Employee Review Tracking Tool to Perfectly Align With Your Management Needs.

  • Assign Review Requests: Efficiently allocate review tasks to monitor and evaluate employee performance.
  • Customize Review Requests: Incorporate employee-specific merge fields to personalize each review request, making them relevant and direct.

Customizable SMS and Email Review Invitation Templates with a Personalized Touch

Our online editor allows you to use a Template to ask your customers for Reviews with a personalized touch.





Generate A Constant Stream Of New Google Reviews & Gather Feedback From Unhappy Customers!


Tailor Your Review Checkpoint

Configure Your Review Checkpoint System to Align With Your Brand and Enhance Customer Trust.

  • Activate Review Checkpoint: Empower your customers with the protection they deserve while enabling your business to collect valuable feedback.
  • Capture and Manage Feedback: Negative feedback is discreetly collected and forwarded directly to the business owner for a constructive response. 
  • Customize for Engagement: Personalize the checkpoint page with specific details about the customer, employee, and business to foster a relevant and engaging experience. 

Optimize Your Review Generation

Elevate Your Online Presence by Customizing your Multi-Platform Review Generator to Resonate With Your Brand.

  • Incorporate Various Platforms: Seamlessly add multiple review platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp to broaden your review collection scope.
  • Boost Your Review Volume: Strategically enhance your presence across platforms to encourage a higher volume of reviews.
  • Tailor Your Interface: Personalize the review interface with specific details about the customer, employee, and business for a cohesive and engaging experience. 

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